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The most awaited BMM convention is all set to happen at the most unique venue between August 11th – 14th 2022.
With an estimated attendance of 5000, we are inviting vendor registrations not just in North America, but globally. This is a golden opportunity to display, market and sell your products, creations, wares at the Expo and participate in the convention. Please be advised, there are limited booths available, so reserve yours now!

Take time to read through the terms and conditions before registering. You will be able to make a payment online (credit card convenience fees apply) or offline by Check, Zelle only (instructions will be sent via email upon offline registration).

Terms and Conditions

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  1. 1. Each exhibit space will be provided with a booth (10 feet x 10 feet in Size) Booths will be provided with one table 6 feet, two chairs, 1 waste basket, 7 ft x 44’ signage and 2 plug points with a total 15  Amp. Vendors will be responsible for the rest. See Additional Services for more details.
  • 2. Each Exhibitor (10'X10') gets 1 exhibitor pass. Additional exhibitor passes are available for purchase.
  • 3. Allocation of booth(s) is based on a first come first served basis and decided by BMM 2022 organizing committee. Vendor and booth expo committee’s decision will be held final. Booths and Banner spaces will be allotted upon full payment only. Booth rental fees are payable by check, money order or credit card in US funds only.
  • 4. The Convention Committee has the right to turn away any exhibitor or vendor. If the behavior does not meet with the standards of BMM2022 or Marathi Vishwa, the vendor will be removed from the floor and their money will not be refunded. Exhibitors are solely responsible for their exhibits, products and their logistics.
  • 5. Vendor booth booking is not transferable to other vendors.
  • 6.  No booths are allowed in any areas other than the designated exhibit hall for the exposition.
    1. 7.  The Convention committee has all rights to change the floor plan at any point of time based on circumstances.
    2. 8. BMM 2022 organizing committee or Convention center is not responsible for any kind of theft, loss or damage of your goods. No Insurance will be provided by BMM 2022 organizing committee or Convention Center.
    3. 9. Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining the necessary business licenses, liability insurances and collecting local and state taxes during the convention.
    4. 10. BMM 2022 organizing committee or Convention center is not responsible for any kind of Taxes or permits. Exhibitors must comply with city, state and federal laws and regulations for Exhibiting at BMM 2022.
    5. 11.  Exhibitors cannot sublease their rented booth. Booth dimensions should not modify in any form and should not obstruct the view of other booths.
    6. 12.  Point of sale transactions set up using cash, credit/debit card or any other monetary instrument is the vendor's responsibility.
    7. 13. Exhibit owners will have full responsibility over any kind of damage that is caused to the convention center’s property.
    8. 14. Travel, Hotel stay, and visa arrangements are vendor responsibilities. If required, any documentation in support of visa application will be provided by BMM2022 upon request.
    9. 15. Convention center has unionized labor and use of loading dock or trolley/dolly for transport of goods has to be done only by approved labor.  If a vendor uses a loading dock or trolley the labour charges shall be borne by the vendor.
    10. 16. Competitions and raffles are not allowed to be run and organized by booth vendors. Promotional giveaways are okay.
    11. 17.  Exhibitors are not allowed to sell/display any products other than mentioned category packages in the application.
    12. 18.  No open flames are allowed. All exhibitors must adhere to the local fire department regulations. All electrical wiring must meet appropriate safety specifications.
    13. 19.  Food/Beverages will be sold only by BMM 2022 organizing committee or designated vendors only.
    14. 20. Sale or promotion of liquor or any other prohibited substance is strictly prohibited at the convention facility premises.
    15. 21. Cancellation:
      •        i. No refund will be provided for any cancellation after June 11th, 2022.
      •       ii. 80% of the booking amount will be refunded if the refund is requested within 60 days of booking date - provided the date is before June 11th 2022.
      •      iii. 60% of booking amount will be refunded if the refund is requested after  60 days of booking date - provided the date is before June 11th 2022.
      • 22. Registration fees for Business Conference, Business Summit and Education Summit are non-refundable. Registration may be transferred if notified in advance for the event and during the event timeframe only.
      • 23. Written permission from BMM 2022 organizing committee is required for offering free gifts to BMM 2022 attendees and guests.
      • 24. Exhibitors and sponsors responsibility to provide their banner as per the BMM 2022 organizing committee and Convention Center specifications.
  1. Additional services:
  2. Please visit or email to for information related to Official Service contractor (additional accessories available to hire for additional cost), Internet access, additional electrical outlets, outlets, bigger booth sizes such 10 feet by 20 feet and General contractor help regarding shipment and goods handling from storage, dock to exhibit areas.