A Social Initiative.

A Continued Purpose.

A New Commitment.

From Marathi Vishwa.

After 35+ long years, Marathi Vishwa New Jersey is proud to be the host of 20th Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Marathi Vishwa is committed to delivering most value out of this opportunity. The convention team is passionately working towards bringing the “Soahala Astitva Cha” theme life in unprecedented ways. The team is confident the attendees will have an experience like never before, and build memories with family, friends and broader Marathi community over 3 days of immersion across Marathi culture, entertainment, food and all aspects of the Marathi Pana that we are proud of.

With more than 43 years of successfully executing various social initiatives generating newer ideas for giving back to the community in a variety of different ways, Marathi Vishwa is leading from the front again and launching a social initiative commitment connected to the convention and beyond just entertainment that never done before by any other convention host.

The Board of Directors of Marathi Vishwa have decided to donate a portion of their share of surplus funds from this event to carefully chosen organizations; consistently demonstrating and executing either of the below:

  • Environmental responsibility

    Aim to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and the sustainable use of natural resources.

  • Human rights responsibility

    Involve providing fair labor practices (e.g., equal pay for equal work) and fair trade practices, and disavowing child labor, domestic violence etc.

  • Economic responsibility

    Involve improving the firm’s business operation while participating in sustainable practices – for example, using a new manufacturing process to minimize wastage.

  • Philanthropic responsibility

    Includes things such as (but not limited to) funding educational programs, supporting health initiatives, providing safe drinking water and sanitation, donating to causes(in United States or India), and supporting community beautification projects.

If you volunteer for one such organization, and that qualifies for one or more the above criterion and would like to propose your organization to be a potential beneficiary, please submit the form below with details for consideration before June 30th 2022.

Join us an attendee. Join us a volunteer.

Join us just to support the biggest Marathi Melava in the Northern Hemisphere. We Look forward to seeing you at BMM 2022.

**Marathi Vishwa reserves the right to choose the number of beneficiary organizations to ensure substantial and meaningful donation.