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17 World Records, author of 52 cookbooks, the man of many talents, legendary chef Shri Vishnu Manohar will create an extraordinary culinary experience for the first time ever in Atlantic City.

कौन है Vishnu Manohar

Shri Vishnu Manohar is the most admired chef of Central India. Popular for his finger licking fusion dishes, his specialized Maharashtrian Tadka (Flavor) that he adds to his signature dishes is highly appreciated amongst food lover in Central India. Vishnu Manohar’s story is a real inspiration for the young aspirants who wish to thrive in Food & Hotel industry as a career.

What made Vishnu Manohar to choose this Sizzling career as a Chef over his embellishing career of Fine Arts? His aspiration to tickle the taste buds of Indians made him to craft a niche in Hotel Industry. 

Vishnu Manohar is the executive chef of Manohar Groups. Manohar Group is an undeniable leader in professional catering services in Nagpur & Aurangabad for past 24 years. Manohar Group owns open air restaurants in Nagpur, Thane, Pune & Aurangabad.

One-of-a-kind cooking competition
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diversity and uniqueness of the taste YOUr PALATE WILL EXPERIENCE