BMM Holistic Wellness Forum


तुमचे आरोग्य तुमच्या हाती

First time ever BMM 2022 Convention offering ‘Holistic Wellness Forum’

Full day event on unique modalities in holistic healing

Ayurved, Homeopathy, Yoga, Reiki and Mantra Chikitsa

Explore the time-tested, holistic Health & Wellness practices with expert guidance
The Holistic Wellness Forum is open for all ages

  • Ayurveda – Prakruti specific mind body wellness
  • Homeopathy – Safe, gentle and natural system of healing
  • Yoga – Journey from physical health to spiritual awareness
  • Reiki – Self energy healing for relaxation and pain management
  • Mantra Shakti – An ancient vibrational healing for mental and spiritual peace

This unique wellness forum may help

– Initiate self-healing

– Reduce exhaustion

– Manage Pain better

  • The afternoon session will include a panel discussion addressing Stress, Burnout
  • Join to ask your questions and see what you can do to restore your health.
  • Limited seating available, reserve your spot asap.
  • *Certificates will be provided to obtain your own CME credits for medical practitioners upon full event attendance.