As President of Verizon Business Markets, I am responsible for the company’s mid-market wireless and wireline offerings and Fios B2B. Our team of 3000+ sales professionals guide our customers through their digitally transformed journeys with innovative managed solutions for total communications, connectivity, and collaboration.

As businesses across all segments and industries anticipate a post-pandemic comeback, they are looking to adopt 5G and its potential to create new opportunities and build new efficiencies. My team is focused on helping accelerate the recovery of medium-sized businesses in America: my customer-centric organization delivers 5G technologies, security solutions, and connectivity solutions such as BlueJeans, One Talk, Verizon Connect, Fios, and new offerings to meet their evolving needs. Through our all products and services, we are committed to supporting our customers and their communities as they look to grow and prosper.

I thrive on solving the most complex business problems in today’s data-rich and tech-heavy environment while leading groundbreaking transformations and aligning large-team operations to the strategic vision. I strive to be the most objective voice in a room and believe in authentic leadership. I am committed to mentoring women and youth on the importance of speaking up with knowledge and conviction.