Dr. Shobha Puntambekar has a master’s from IIT, Bombay and a doctorate from University of Leicester in Great Britain. Both are in Chemistry. She also holds MBA from Rutgers University in USA.

Shobha has 26 years of experience in developing, and successfully launching new products on the market. She has run her own company called Chroma Inks USA for the last seven years. Her company manufactures specialty inks and coatings for use in sterilizable medical packaging and document security applications. (See Notes section for more information on Sterilization) The company’s product line includes process indicator inks that change color based on exposure to different sterilization processes such as saturated steam, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, plasma, dry heat, ozone, or peracetic acid. The products are primarily
used in medical packaging, and devices such as sterilization pouches, tapes, labels, tags, stents, and glucose monitors. In addition, the company offers a line of authentication and tamper evidence detection materials for document security applications. The company has customers in more than forty countries around the globe. Shobha is considered globally the “go to person” for sterilization technology. She holds several patents related to Sterilization applications. During her long career, she has travelled around the world to develop close relationships with regulatory agencies such as FDA, Academic  institutes, Government laboratories, critical suppliers, and key customers.

In one sentence, Shobha is someone with a great depth of technical knowhow combined with a
strong entrepreneurial spirit.
Sterilization Technologies to remove microbes
▪ Sterilization is a process which eliminates, removes, or kills all forms of life residing on a
tool or instrument such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and spore forms.
Sterilization process can be used to sterilize used or unused medical devices – (single use or
multiple use). Depending on medical devices there are different sterilization processes. These
include steam sterilization process or dry heat sterilization process for metal based medical
devices that can withstand high temperatures and gas sterilization processes like ethylene
oxide/ formaldehyde / plasma/ ozone or radiation sterilization process for plastic based medical
When special inks and coatings products supplied by Chroma Inks USA are printed on a special
printing substrate (e.g., medical grade paper, Tyvek, Film, label stock and many others) and gets
converted into pouches, sterilization reels, tapes, indicators, emulators – they become Class II
medical devices with process indicators under International standard rules (ISO 11140-
01). Process indicators exhibit distinct visual color change upon sterilization (e.g., Red to black
or blue to black) to show that a medical device has gone through a specific sterilization process
and is safe to use.
These Process indicators helps healthcare workers, nursing staff or surgeons to differentiate
between sterilized and unsterilized medical devices by checking the color of a process indictor.