Mr. Rachmale, Chairman and CEO of Lakeshore Global Corporation, brings over 30 years of management experience as a leader in the construction, energy, water wastewater and environmental industries. Mr. Rachmale founded Lakeshore Engineering Services in 1994, and eventually acquired TolTest, Inc. in April 2010. The combined companies formed Lakeshore TolTest Corporation (LTC) & grew the company to annual revenues in excess of 1/2 billion dollar & employing 1000’s of engineers, construction professionals & trade workers.

The large infrastructure projects involved construction of military runways, embassy’s, forward operating bases and operation facilities, military housing complexes, bridges and water wastewater facilities.

Mr. Rachmale has been lauded by numerous industry publications and received numerous awards including US Small Business Administration’s Champion Award for Entrepreneurial Success by US 44th President Barack Obama.

Mr. Rachmale is one of the founding members of Indian chamber of commerce-USA & also serves as Chairman.