Dr. Bhal Tulpule (IITB’71) is a trustee of  the RM Tulpule Charitable Trust. This Charitable Trust is focused on conducting scientific research and developing technology-based solutions, for addressing the problems of Global Warming caused by use of fossil fuels on the environment, and/or developing alternate green sources of energy.

Dr. Tulpule will be participating in the BMM BizCon sponsored AngelsWeb program. He is interested in receiving and reviewing ideas and proposals consistent with the objectives of the Trust. Specific topics for relevant research include, development of  inorganic, chemical materials, catalytic converters, organic and biological systems, technologies for green sequestration of CO2, Methane, and fossil fuel related pollutants, as well as methodologies for  green harvesting of solar, hydrogen and other new energy sources.

Candidates with ideas, interest and expertise in these areas are encouraged to apply. Candidates with novel approaches and potential for scalable transitions to commercial/ industrial applications and/or collaborative efforts would be given special consideration.