Sadashiva Godbole completed Shastri Part 1 from Varanaseya Sanskrit Vishva-Vidyalaya in 1965 and since then has pursued spiritual knowledge and practice on the basis of Geeta, Saptashati, Lalita Sahasranam, Bhagwata, Upanishads, Rudra-abhisheka, etc. He has used selected verses from these texts as mantras for promoting the health of essential elements (Sapta-dhatu) and physiological, mental, and spiritual processes in the body in the context of Pancha-Kosha’s for all-round wellbeing and a holistic way of looking at life. His hobbies include music, tutoring, and officiating pooja’s to uphold our traditions. His books Sanyogi Yoga and Satyanarayan Katha are written in Ovi form in Hindi.