• Motivate and encourage Marathi youths from USA and Canada to develop their ideas and business plans from concept/ideation to real business.
  • Provide mentoring to early ideation candidates, through workshops, and follow-ups to develop presentation.
  • Selected candidates will present their business ideas to judges and conference attendees.
  • Selected winners will be rewarded during the conference.

Application and Grooming Process

Contestants will complete and submit the application form. Please click here to submit BizCon AngelWeb Application.

Contestants will complete and submit the application form 

  • There will be an initial training camp on how to write the proposal.
  • Following the training camp, contestants will:
    1. Complete the proposal.
    2. Submit a 2-minute video explaining their idea.
  • Screening Camp:
    1. Contestants will present (remotely) to the screening committee to qualify.
    2. Contestants will be given 2 minutes to present their ideas.
    3. Each pitch will be followed by a 3-minute Q&A with the panel of judges.
  • Final Presentation.

Please send email to BizCon@BMM2022.org  for any additional information