• The purpose of this event is to support and encourage the established Marathi entrepreneurs for the technical upgradation and/or market expansion for the business growth to next level.
  • Applications from established entrepreneurs will be reviewed by BizCon Committee.
  • Selected Applicants will be provided the opportunity for final presentation in front of Opulent Sharks (Venture Capitalists) to get funded.

Participation Process

Contestants will complete and submit the application form. Please click here to submit  BizCon OpulentSharks Application

  • Screening Camp:
    1. Contestants will present to the screening committee to qualify.
    2. Contestants will make a 4-minute slide deck presentation (no more than 10-12 slides).
    3. Each pitch will be followed by a 6-minute Q&A with the panel of judge.
  • Virtual Training Camps may cover:
    1. How to make your startups fundable?
    2. How to build your investor pitch deck?
    3. How to present to VCs (along with pitch deck reviews)?
    4. Practice Pitches.
  • Final screening round through mock pitching.
  • Dress rehearsal for the finalists.
  • Final Presentation.

Please send email to BizCon@BMM2022.org  for any additional information