Promoting Arts @ BMM2022

PROMOTING ARTS @ BMM@2022 BMM 2022 is pleased to announce its partnership with Happydemic to provide a unique competition experience for the following three unique competitions starting registrations from 1st November 2021. नाट्यरंग स्वररंग नृत्यरंग Registration details

Cooking Competition Nov 2021

Cooking Competition Nov 2021 नमस्कार, नमस्कार, नमस्कार! मंडळी, असं म्हणतात की सुखाचा मार्ग हा पोटातून जातो! काय, खरंय ना? चला तर मग, तुम्हा सर्वांसाठी BMM 2022 घेऊन येत आहे एक आगळी वेगळी स्पर्धा - “स्वाद न्यू जर्सीचा” एक पाककला / पाककृती स्पर्धा! होय नीट वाचलंत, पाककला स्पर्धा! मंडळी, पुरूष असो अथवा स्त्री,...

मेजवानी @BMM2022

Food @BMM2022 17 World Records, author of 52 cookbooks, the man of many talents, legendary chef Shri Vishnu Manohar will create an extraordinary culinary experience for the first time ever in Atlantic City. Click here for more information.

Expo Registration

Reserve your booth... The most awaited BMM convention is all set to happen at the most unique venue between August 11th – 14th 2022. With an estimated attendance of 5000, we are inviting vendor registrations not just in North America, but globally. This is a golden opportunity to display, market...