Extended 15 Jan bmm2022 logo competition
About the Logo competition:
  1. Winner will get one free ticket to the convention.
  2. Logo could be animated (7-8 sec) Or Non-Animated.
  3. It should match with our website color scheme.
  4. It should be in JPG or GIF format with high resolution.
  5. Slogan should cover the theme of “Celebration Of Life”
  6. Please email your logo and slogan by 15th Jan 2021 to sloganlogocomp@bmm2022.org.
  7. Any questions please reach out to raj.pofale@bmm2022.org, snehal.vaze@bmm2022.org.

About the BMM 2022 Summer Event:

Marathi Vishwa NJ and Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal (बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळ) North America, takes immense pleasure to announce that Marathi Vishwa New Jersey will be the host for BMM 2022 Convention. After long 35 years it will indeed be our opportunity to showcase our warm hospitality built on strength and trust of volunteers, proven leadership and enthusiastic community. Something MVNJ is know for and wide across Marathi Community in North America.