program proposal

We Invite your Program Ideas


BMM 2022 holds in store an artistic gala that will foster a sense of kinship with the Marathi language and culture. As our tagline says, it is literally a celebration of our existence. We feel the pride of the language we speak and the heritage we carry simmer in our very bones. Through the BMM 2022 convention, we want to pass on the emotion to the Marathi community in New Jersey.

But a community doesn’t build with individualistic plume. It only builds when people come together. To that end, we are throwing the doors to the BMM festival wide open! In collaboration with Marathi Vishwa NK, Brihan Maharashtra Mandal is looking for ideas for programs and events that can fill the BMM 2022 event with glorious fun and legacy.

Dance, drama, singing, storytelling… virtually everything under the sun is welcomed as long as it follows the theme of ‘सोहळा अस्तित्वाचा’ and promotes the Marathi language and culture.

So, submit your proposal without much ado, and become a part of something bigger than yourself.