Hello Team,

I am sure you have heard the news – Atlantic City Convention Center is “Back in Business” – starting today June 1, 2021. The first convention is the Import Expo on June 13 and is expected to receive around 2000 guests!

This is great news for us. All things going well, Our dream to host BMM in 2022 will be brought to life in no uncertain terms. The step-change in the US pandemic management is indeed due to mass vaccinations and better control of the spread, which in all likelihood will continue.

As we inch closer to the convention, we need to shift gears and move rapidly as clock is ticking fast. We are barely 15 months away from bringing the “Celebration of Life” experience to reality. We have much to plan, progress, and implement. Our convention, the first after the global pandemic, aims to set a new course for BMM conventions moving forward. We have ideas and initiatives planned that have not been thought of before – leave alone being implemented. It’s a high-profile convention with a lot of expectations from Marathi Vishwa NJ, with lots at stake from the opportunity to give a lifelong experience to being the most expensive convention budgeted till date.

Our teams are being set up by the day. We need more volunteers and dedicated resources to further act on our convention goals. Please spread the word, get your friends involved. From exponentially focusing on the donation drive to programming and overall logistics – we need help across all parts of planning the convention. And, we need it now.

We now need to buckle up, fasten our seatbelts and get ready for the ride. The next 15 months will demand your time, attention, and energy like never before. The level of commitment and coordination required will be enormous across the multi-functional team structure we have built. We know, all it takes is one weak link to break the chain and bring the house down! Yes, this is all volunteer work, but the dedication and effort needed are no less than (or rather more) what would be needed from a paying assignment. Either we all jump with 2 feet in or not, and if we decide not to – that’s totally fine. BUT, if we decide to take the plunge – then starting today, we need to “THINK BMM 2022“, “DREAM BMM 2022“, and “LIVE BMM 2022” every moment. If we are not doing that, we might falter, run out of time and maybe not achieve our aspirations for executing on the “Na Bhuto Na Bhavishyati” convention for BMM in 2022.

The choice is Ours! Stay tuned for updates and will soon get regular touchpoints on your calendar.

So, once again How Is The Josh!! Hope it’s high and stays higher than ever before!!!! 

Let’s go Team, Let’s make it happen! 

Once in Lifetime opportunity to be part of something BIG, something SPECTACULAR, something you can CHERISH for life-long 


Prashant Kolhatkar on behalf of the BMM 2022 team.